6 Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant


Are you running out of fuel from your day-to-day activities of working on low leverage tasks? Does this sound like your average day? Answering phone calls, sifting through 100's of emails trying to respond to each one whilst staying on top of your diary, scheduling posts on Facebook and Twitter, then attending those important meetings, there is just enough time for a 5-minute break to eat lunch at your desk then time to check your emails in an attempt to clear out your inbox. You are struggling to format a client proposal but the deadline is today so you will keep at it until you get it right. Oh dear, you forgot to book your flight yesterday, now the price has increased significantly. Searching on Google for a top notch restaurant to impress a prospect. Answer another phone call, file some paperwork, send invoices and follow-up on a missed payment. You check the time its now 7pm (where has the day gone?) and you still haven't achieved the tasks you have been putting off for weeks that will win you new business.

The above stress can be eliminated with four words HIRE A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT. It will dramatically increase your productivity. Here's why:

  1. Offload low leverage tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming so you claim your valuable time back and focus on driving your business.

  2. No overhead expenses spent on office space, equipment, supplies, technology, insurance and other obligations that come with having in-house employees.

  3. No HR headache of completing paperwork, cut out long recruitment process, national insurance, tax or agency and recruitment fees. Employee training is not required as Virtual Assistants are highly skilled.

  4. You pay for 100% productive work and only pay for the hours worked. Flexible packages are offered, you can select the hours you need based on your requirements for example 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 hours per month.

  5. Virtual Assistants can work outside of normal office hours - they are your go-to person to meet your deadlines and deliverables.

  6. A Virtual Assistant cares about their business, they are committed to their quality of work and interested in the success and growth of yours.

Are you ready to grow your business?

My name is Selina Johnson and I provide Virtual Business Support to small to medium businesses, consultants and entrepreneurs. My clients outsource necessary but time-consuming tasks to me so they can have more free time to focus on the revenue-generating activities that will make their business more profitable.

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