What to look for in a Virtual Assistant (VA)?


Many professionals I have spoken to have said that hiring a Virtual Assistant was the best ROI they made in their business. Here are the 5 qualities I suggest you look for when hiring a VA:



A Virtual Assistant should be quick to reply to emails by acknowledging receipt. When you have last minute projects with short turnaround this is really helpful.



You want a team you can trust. VA's work the exact same way as Personal Assistants, confidentiality is key. They are trustworthy and discreet. You can always ask your VA to sign an NDA if needed. Virtual Assistant's should be registered as a Data Protection Controller (ICO) and information is held securely following the UK Data Protection Laws.


Attention to detail

Carelessness is not an option. Your VA is representing you, your brand and your business. It is, therefore, important that this skill set is checked first hand before hiring a VA. I suggest checking their website or emails to see if there are any errors. If they have made silly mistakes in their own business what chance of success will you have with them?



You want someone who is dependable, offers flexibility and is going to turn work around within the agreed deadline to a polished finish. Check their recommendations to ensure this.



You don't want to have to micromanage your VA. That defeats the whole purpose of freeing up your time. They should be competent and use initiative to exceed your expectations.

There are more qualities than listed above but these are the main 5 that I would suggest focusing on.

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