4 Strategies for Becoming a Time Management Expert


Do you feel that there are not enough hours in your working day?


Arrange your daily tasks into the 4 Ds system to keep on top of everything. The secret is that for every task you handle, it goes into the 4 Ds system - each task has a place for everything. Below is a simple and effective time management method, prioritise your tasks and only work on one task at a time. This system can be used for email management but also project and task management.



Scan through all your emails for unwanted emails. I can usually delete half or more of my emails without opening them. A lot of emails I receive do not require your attention. This applies to tasks that you don't have to do, are irrelevant, keep stopping and starting or you have stopped doing.



Put anything you need to action, or need to do – it’s the pile of work that you are working on currently; anything you are given to ‘action’ or ‘to do’ goes in here.



If someone else can perform a task at least two-thirds as well as you, delegate it. Communicate the task. Describe to your employees exactly what you want to be done, when you want it done and the end results you expect.



These are tasks that can be done later, but no later than the last responsible moment. These are tasks that will take more than 2 minutes to complete. Schedule a time in the diary to complete this task at a later time.

Virtual Assistant Time Management


I challenge you to take charge of your time management by using the 4D system. If you can maintain this efficient tool long term, it will become a great effective tool for getting more work done.

Have you used the 4D system before, or do you have an alternative method for time and project management? Please comment below.


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