You Can Do Anything - But Not Everything: How to delegate tasks to your VA


When you’re running a business and you’ve been doing everything yourself so far, sometimes it can be hard to let go and delegate. You’ve now made the decision to work with a VA, conquer your admin mountain and make life easier: So how do you go about identifying which tasks to delegate?


The art of delegation is one of the key skills any entrepreneur must master 
— Richard Branson



A very good starting point is to have a think about your general day to day and ask yourself which tasks have become repetitive and time-consuming? Which tasks are draining your energy and diverting your attention away from growing your business and the things you enjoy? Are you still managing your own diary? Booking travel? Proofreading documents? Remember no task is too small; it’s often the smallest tasks that end up taking the most time.

We all have those tasks that we dread doing, whatever your personal bugbears are; be it processing your expenses, wading through emails in order to prioritise your inbox, data entry, managing mailings. Why not let your VA manage these tasks for you and in turn take away the headache of them completely.


The What, Why, Where, When and How

When setting a task for your VA be clear on the ‘what, why, where, when and how’. By giving your VA as much detail as you can and agreeing on clear deadlines from the offset your VA can then set to work swiftly with all the information they need to complete the task. As your working relationship grows you’ll find in no time at all that your VA will know by second nature your preferences and priorities and will be using their initiative to efficiently action tasks before you’ve even asked.

Did you know that VA’s can also support you with a wealth of life admin tasks? From researching and booking family holidays, searching for and obtaining quotes to sourcing the perfect gift – ensuring you never miss a birthday or anniversary again... the list is endless!

If you’re not sure if it’s something you could outsource to your VA then just ask, we may well surprise you!


So, are you ready to reclaim your time?

Please share in the comment section below, how you are maximising your time.


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