3 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Transform Your Business and Your Life


How many times have you thought ‘if only I had more time I could…’? Lack of time winds up stifling both your creativity and your productivity, meaning you miss opportunities to do more and be more. What if you could get back that hour you spent chasing up invoices, booking travel or updating your social media and spend it on tasks that actually help to scale your business? Be it contacting sales prospects, strategic planning or simply having the space to think creatively.

So, if you currently have more on your hands that you can manage and you’re struggling to dig yourself out from under that admin pile, you might like to ask yourself: Sure, I can do all my businesses admin myself, but why should I?

Are you wondering whether you could benefit from working with a Virtual Assistant? Here’s a look at some of the key ways that working with a Virtual Assistant can create more time, more productivity and more business:

1. Grow your revenue and create opportunities
The key to boosting your productivity is to outsource those time-consuming, repetitive and low leverage tasks that have been holding you back. Take a client of mine who’d not worked with a Virtual Assistant before: after working together for only 3 months, even in that short time my client has seen his monthly revenue increase by a huge 82%. The tasks that I am now completing for him on a 40-hours-per-month plan equate back to free up a massive 60 hours of his time! This has been a game- changer for him. He now spends his newly regained time on business development and the tasks that drive his business forward while I look after the vital nuts-and-bolts of his admin.




Tip: Using a password protection service such as LastPass provides an excellent and secure way of giving your Virtual Assistant access to your accounts. LastPass stores encrypted passwords and is very user friendly and elegant in its simplicity.




2. Achieve a better work/life balance
For entrepreneurs, work and personal life often overlap, and usually to the detriment of the latter. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A Virtual assistant delivers great value by freeing up your life away from work, as well as deftly managing your business tasks, they can also organise personal tasks too – such as making appointments, sourcing domestic help, researching family holidays or paying the bills – the list is endless. All meaning that you get some down time away from the office to spend on the things you love.

3. Banish burnout – forever
You’ve built your business so far solely through your own hard work and by putting in some serious hours – all entirely necessary in the very early days, of course. However, is this approach really sustainable in the long term? With a trusted Virtual Assistant by your side, efficiently and effectively taking care of the day-to-day minutiae of running of your business, you’re free to work strategically and you need never feel overworked and overwhelmed again.


If your target is to work on client acquisition, brand building, retention, and your profit margin then anything that doesn't fall under these four categories should be delegated to a Virtual Assistant.


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