5 tips to ensure you source the best Virtual Assistant

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Do you often wonder where the day has gone? Are you lacking the vital time you need to focus on the growth of your business and the tasks you enjoy? Would you like to regain a healthy work/life balance? If the answer to any of the above is yes, then delegating a portion of your workload to a Virtual Assistant (VA) could well be your ticket to freedom.

Rome wasn’t built in a day… that’s true.
But it also took a lot more than just one person to build it!
— Chris Ducker, author of Virtual Freedom

So, how do you go about finding the best Virtual Assistant for you and your business? Here are 5 insider tips on how to go about making your first valuable hire:

1. Take the time to read testimonials and LinkedIn recommendations. Let’s face it, before we buy anything we all look into reviews, and working with a VA should be no different.

2. A VA based in your time zone – covering your business hours – can easily feel more a part of your team, as they’re able to join conference calls, respond to contacts and urgent tasks, all during your working day.

3. Make sure you sign an NDA, and for added peace of mind you could also consider keeping sensitive information to one side until you’ve built rapport with your Virtual Assistant and you feel comfortable handing over these tasks.

4. If your target is to work on client acquisition, brand building, retention and your profit
margin then anything that doesn't fall under these four categories should be delegated to a Virtual Assistant. Make a list of all the tasks you can delegate, and the time they take you, and total these up. You can also follow this exercise to work out how many hours you need to buy.

5. It’s very good practice during your first month of working together to have regular catch-ups and give your Virtual Assistant small but meaningful tasks and projects that allow you to evaluate whether they’re a good fit for you and your business.




Productivity hack: Turning off your alerts for a portion of your day can greatly
boost your productivity. Sure, alerts are important, but the power of turning
them off for, say, 2 hours a day means your time is completely focused on the
task in hand without any interruptions or distractions.



The key factor to consider when working out whether hiring a Virtual Assistant is going to provide you with an excellent ROI is to think of it as you trading your hourly rate with that of your VA. The question being – where is your time better spent? Say you were to outsource managing your inbox and diary to a VA for £30 per hour and the VA spent eight hours a week on it, you’re spending just £240 per week to free up 8 hours of your time – imagine what you could spend all that extra time on?
So with that huge pile of admin that’s been weighing you down outsourced to your Virtual Assistant, you’re free to use your newly regained time to concentrate on growing your revenue, creating opportunities, and in the process banish burnout – forever…. What’s not to love?


What will you delegate today?

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