How a Virtual Assistant can streamline into your business


Do you find yourself bogged down with tasks that really you shouldn’t be working on? There’s a litany of lower leverage tasks clogging up your to-do list and as a result you’re losing the vital time you need to concentrate on the tasks that drive your business forward. You’re always busy – but are you actually being productive? Could delegation be the answer?

Whether you need business or personal support, or both, a Virtual Assistant (VA) can seamlessly integrate into your business and lifestyle. An elite Virtual Assistant’s first priority will be the desire to build an excellent working relationship with you. They’ll want to learn about your business, to understand your ambitions and goals and how they can best support you on your journey. In no time at all your Virtual Assistant will be able to anticipate requests before you even ask and they’ll be using their initiative to have everything running smoothly and, best of all, hassle free for you. So with the day-to-day minutiae of running your business in safe hands, you’re free to work strategically concentrating on the tasks that you and only you can do.




Tip: Here’s a way to increase your productivity and conquer your inbox. The Boomerang extension for Gmail enables you to control when you send and receive emails. You can write an email and schedule it to send at a time to suit you, and schedule emails for follow-up. In no time at all you’ll be able to manage your emails like a dream, and you can even pause your inbox to only be notified of the emails that matter. Genius!



Your Virtual Assistant will suggest scheduling regular catch-up calls, or if you prefer you could catch up via Zoom, Skype, Hangouts or other video services, for some face-to-face interaction. Why not also include your VA in corporate calls? Investing time in properly on-boarding, and allowing your VA to learn about your business, will save you so much time in the future. In no time at all your Virtual Assistant will become an integral member of the team, a trusted colleague who just happens to work remotely.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant to support you is a flexible and affordable investment. They work as and when they are needed and are paid by the hour and only for the work they complete – so if you only need support on a Tuesday, then that’s when your VA will work. What’s more, they are likely to charge a lower rate than an in-house Personal Assistant as they have lower overheads – for example, they don’t need to commute! In fact Virtual Assistants can perform all the tasks that an in-house Personal Assistant can – besides bring you a coffee! – and they can do them exactly when required.

Flexible packages are offered to suit you and your business: you select the hours you need based on your individual requirements. For example, a package of 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 hours per month – you choose.


A Virtual Assistant wants to work hard and build a successful working relationship with you. They care about their business and delivering an outstanding quality of work and are interested and invested in the growth of your business. Hire a Virtual Assistant and you'll see your business grow faster than you ever thought possible!

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