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Nobody said being an entrepreneur was easy. It’s common to end up wearing several different hats, from bookkeeper to administrator to CEO to graphic designer…. and all in one day! However, this solo approach has a short shelf-life: at best, it can mean insufficient time to do your higher-level work; at worst, it can lead to exhaustion, stress and burnout. What if you could free yourself from the lower-value business support tasks that have been bogging you down, such as booking your own travel, managing your social media platforms or chasing up invoices… to name just a few tasks.  What could you achieve with all that newly regained time?

The way I see it, small business owners have a choice to make. Break down, or build your team. It’s really that simple.
— Chris Ducker

Working with a Virtual Assistant (VA), a capable and experienced administrative professional, could be the key to the growth of your business. Have you thought about hiring a VA but wondered how they typically work with their clients?


An elite VA’s first priority will be to learn about your business and build an excellent working relationship with you. They’ll suggest scheduling regular catch-up calls, or if you prefer you could use Skype for catch-ups for some face-to-face interaction. For staying on top of tasks and working collaboratively your Virtual Assistant will often work with project management tools such as Trello and Asana – these excellent platforms, and many other similar ones, mean it’s easier and more effective than ever to work together virtually and collaborate in on projects. In fact, working with a VA as opposed to in-house staff also gives added peace of mind, as their time is tracked so you can see exactly how long they’re spending on tasks and you’ll only pay for the work they complete.



Tip: Scheduling your social media posts ensures you’re posting regularly and also lets you test which times of day create the most engagement with your particular audiences. There are plenty of tools out there which provide a one-stop-shop service for both scheduling your posts and generating those all-important analytics too. We’ve found one of the very best to be Coschedule, which combines great functionality with a clear user interface.


At Selina & Co. we start out by learning as much as we can about you, your business and your requirements. So, you tell us what you need done, and how you’d like it done, and we’ll fit right in. We then discuss how we can tailor our support in order to seamlessly integrate into your business and free you for success. We match you to your dedicated Virtual Assistant, who will be handpicked for their skills and expertise to perfectly match your requirements. Then, once everything is agreed and the paperwork is signed off, you will be invited to schedule your complimentary launch meeting. We will share a project management tool where you can upload documents, post comments and best of all, see the progress of all tasks assigned. And the best part is you can start submitting tasks the very same day you sign up. MAGIC.


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My name is Selina Johnson and I'm an elite Virtual Assistant providing Virtual Business Support to Executives. We help SME's with administrative, technical and creative support so you are free to grow your business and increase your profits.

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