The Power of Creating your Three Lists of Freedom

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How many times have you wished you had more time, or even more of you? Are you working on business support tasks that really you shouldn’t be? If your workload is getting too much for you to handle alone and you’re bogged down in admin, then you’ve likely identified the need to delegate a portion of your workload to free you up to concentrate on the tasks that you – and only you – can do. The thing is, you know you don’t need a full time employee – so where do you turn?

“If you see this as just an expense, you’ll never take your business or your career to the next level. You can only do so much. Hiring a VA is a less expensive, less risky alternative to hiring a full-time employee”
— Michael Hyatt

In today’s online world a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a valuable first hire for your business. Going down the traditional route and employing a full or part time office based PA is a long-term and expensive commitment, whereas working with a VA offers complete flexibility and they are typically pay-as-you-go. VA’s are far more likely to charge a lower rate than a PA as they have lower overheads – for example, they work from their own home office and therefore have no need to commute. Employing Virtual Assistants also avoids a number of other on-boarding and on-going expenses, such as paying hefty recruitment agency finder’s fees, the cost of buying software licences, IT equipment, or paying for holidays and sickness.

Virtual Assistants work as and when they are needed and are paid by the hour and only for the work they complete. Flexible packages are offered to suit you and your business: you select the hours you need based on your individual requirements. What’s more, there’s usually a 1 month rolling contract, with absolutely no obligation to continue unless you’re 100% satisfied, so it proves to be a much less risky alternative to an in-house employee.



Tip:  Auto Text Expander is a chrome extension that allows you to create customised abbreviations for phrases you frequently use. You can customise your own shortcuts and as you start typing it will then recognise the keystrokes and auto fill.  This extension is perfect for those of us tired of retyping the same phrases again and again; saving you both time and typos.



Chris Ducker is one of the early pioneers of virtual working, and he’s still an enthusiastic proponent. He’s built several successful online teams for his own business, and helped hundreds of others to go forward and do the same. According to Ducker, there are three categories of work you should consider delegating, which he calls “your three lists of freedom”:


 "To save yourself time and money, create your three lists of freedom: things you hate doing every day, things you can't do yourself, and things you shouldn't be doing. This creates a blueprint of what your virtual team should work on, and allows you to effectively manage it."


We couldn’t have put it any better ourselves. So if you take five minutes to think about what Ducker’s three lists look like for you and your business, you’ll start to get an idea of how many tasks a VA could take on. In fact, a Virtual Assistant will quickly become your go-to person to help meet your deadlines and deliverables. All you need to do is get in contact with them, be it via email, text or a call; they’ll always respond to urgent task requests fast and if there is a tight deadline to work to they we will do their utmost to meet it. A VA can often turn round an urgent task much quicker and more efficiently than an in-house PA as they’re not bound by office hours and can even respond in the evenings or work over the weekend. Magic!


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