How do you monitor a VA working remotely?

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Are you overwhelmed with your workload and always rushing towards deadlines? If this sounds familiar then you’re far from alone: it’s very common for business owners – particularly entrepreneurs, or anyone overseeing an SME – to want to keep control of every task. However, this approach can only work for so long, as trying to do everything yourself quickly ends up
with you being bogged down with a litany of lower leverage tasks. As a consequence, your attention is diverted away from the tasks that grow your business.

Many business owners boost their productivity by delegating business support tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA). Have you considered working with a VA but wondered how you’d be able to monitor what they’re doing, as you’re not sat in the same office?

It’s essentially the same question as “How can I be sure of what my in-house staff are doing?” Just as you would evaluate the work of staff who have a physical presence in the office, you can measure your Virtual Assistant’s performance in exactly the same way – by their results; is the quality of their work up to standard, are deadlines being met, are they meeting and exceeding your expectations? In fact, working with a VA as opposed to in-house staff also gives added peace of mind as their time is tracked so you can see exactly how long they’re spending on tasks, and you’re only paying for the work they complete – paying for 100% efficiency.

If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.
— Richard Branson


Tip: Do you find that sometimes your time is eaten up by time-wasting websites StayFocusd is a productivity extension for Chrome and does exactly as it promises – it helps you to stay focused on the task in hand. It works by allowing you to restrict the time you spend on certain websites (whatever your personal distractions may be!) and once your allotted time is up that website will be
inaccessible for the rest of your day.


The list of duties and tasks that a great Virtual Assistant can perform is almost endless, and not only can they help support your business, but a trusted VA can also take on the admin for your personal life as well. In no time at all your Virtual Assistant will know your priorities and goals and can very quickly start acting on their own initiative to proactively identifying tasks they can take off your plate. So, with your lower-leverage and time-sapping tasks outsourced ton a Virtual Assistant you can focus your time and energy towards your most important tasks. Your VA can also be the key to regaining the work-life balance you need, even as you work hard to scale up your business.

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