How to free yourself from overwhelm and reclaim your workday and your life


Is your workload getting too much for you to handle alone? Is your time being increasingly eaten up by laborious, repetitive and time-consuming tasks? When you’re drowning in a sea of administrative duties you can often wind up losing the valuable time you need to concentrate on the tasks that drive your business forward.

It can be hard to let go and say no, especially when running your own business. After all, it’s your energy, talent and tenacity that’s got your business where it is today. But when you’re spread too thinly, projects can quickly start to fall through the cracks and your to-do list can feel insurmountable. By continuing to oversee and control every little thing inevitably your eye ends up being taken away from the strategic side of your business.

Could delegation be the key to reclaiming your workday?

Focus on being productive instead of busy
— Tim Ferris

Tip: Taking full advantage of keyboard shortcuts can prove to be an incredible timesaver. For example when navigating Gmail to add cc recipients on a mac it’s cmd+shift+c and on a pc it’s ctrl+shift+c. (You might need to enable shortcuts before you can use them, which you can do via Settings > General > Enable keyboard shortcuts). Shortcuts are available in all programs; start with those associated with your most used applications and then expand from there in order to get the most value out of them.


Virtual Asssistant

The key to boosting your productivity is to outsource those time-consuming and repetitive tasks that have been holding you back. A Virtual Assistant (VA) can provide invaluable support for you and your business and can take on a plethora of business support tasks. Let’s face it, we all have those tasks that we dread doing – our own personal time-sucking bugbears – whether it’s processing your expenses, wading through emails in order to prioritise your inbox, data entry, managing your social media platforms – the list goes on (and on). Why not let your Virtual Assistant manage these tasks for you, and take away the headache of them completely. What’s more, as you build a relationship with your Virtual Assistant, they’ll get a feel for how you work, and come to understand your goals and priorities. In no time at all they’ll be using their initiative to efficiently action tasks before you’ve even asked.


Did you know that working with a Virtual Assistant also delivers great value by freeing up your life away from the office? Balancing growing your business whilst keeping up with your household admin and maintaining your personal life outside work can be a tough job. Take arranging the perfect holiday (to name just one task): it can take a lot of time to trawl the web in order to source everything you need for your getaway. Why not let your Virtual Assistant do the legwork for you? If you discuss your brief with your Virtual Assistant – whatever it may be, such as the ultimate list of must-haves for your villa, apartment or hotel which will keep every member of the family happy, sourcing toddler-friendly destinations or help planning the perfect ski trip – an experienced Virtual Assistant will be able to research and present you with a shortlist of perfectly tailored options. Over time, a Virtual Assistant will learn to judge your taste in all sorts of things, from how to prioritise appointments, sourcing the perfect gifts for friends and family to what to look for in a nanny. The list is endless.

What will you delegate today?

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