What Successful Entrepreneurs Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate
— Richard Branson

Can you build a successful one-person business without support? Can you scale your business alone? Working a 60 hour week will result in burnout, low productivity levels and reach sticking point where your business cannot reach its true potential. How can you develop your business to bring money in faster? 

Leave the burden of administrative tasks to our team who can do them efficiently, cheaper and quicker. You will find that is a great return of your Virtual Assistant investment. Tasks include, but are in no way limited to:

Entrepreneur Virtual Assistant


Executive Administration
Diary management
Email management
Travel management


Customer Support
Online support
Process orders and refunds
Follow-up on sales leads
CRM management


Project Management
Office moves
Project launches
Set up automation


Writing and Editing
Article writing
Blog writing
Data entry
Internet research
CV writing


Social Media
Setup and maintain accounts
Content writing
Schedule social media posts
Interact online with followers
Monitor ad campaigns


Personal Assistance
Researching holidays
Sourcing and buying gifts
Paying bills
Booking restaurants
Researching and booking tradespeople
Finding suppliers


Raising invoices
Credit card reconciliations
Monitoring debtors
Compiling reports


Design Services
Website design
Business cards


What could you do with all of that extra time if you weren’t juggling all these duties on top of trying to advance your business? What could it mean for your bottom line? What could it mean for your work–life balance?

Share in the comments which one of these areas of assistance would make the most difference to you.


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My name is Selina Johnson and I'm an elite Virtual Assistant providing Virtual Business Support to Executives. We help SME's with administrative, technical and creative support so you are free to grow your business and increase your profits.

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