Running Out Of Time and Racing Towards Burnout


You’re overwhelmed with your workload and always rushing around. You’re only just meeting your deadlines and inevitably things are starting to fall through the cracks. Don’t you just hate it when tasks you used to love now feel like nothing more than a chore on your never-ending to-do list? Your solution is to work more hours, though even if you stopped sleeping there are simply not enough hours in the day and night for you to be able to do everything you need to.

You’ve built your business so far solely via your own hard work and by putting in some serious hours, all entirely necessary in the very early days, of course. However, is this approach really sustainable in the long term? If you’re always ending up bogged down in the minutiae of running your business, then where is the valuable time you need to work on scaling your business further?  So, if you’re currently drowning in a constant stream of administrative duties, then it’s time to ask yourself this important question – Wouldn’t it be great to swap working ‘in your business’ for working ‘on your business’?


‘When you outsource work to others, you free up the time you need to work on your passions – and take advantage of your abilities and strengths’ Forbes


The key to boosting your productivity is to outsource those repetitive tasks that have been holding you back. Although if you’ve been doing everything yourself until now, it can feel hard to let go and start to delegate. The key is to find the right person to go on this journey with you, someone who can help to dig you out from under that pile of admin. An experienced Virtual Assistant (VA) could take these time-sapping tasks off your shoulders. The list of duties and tasks that a great VA can perform is almost endless, and not only can they help support your business, but a trusted VA can also take on the admin for your personal life as well. They can be the key to regaining the work-life balance you need, even as you work hard to scale up your business. You can also work with VA’s who have specialist skills in design, copywriting or bookkeeping, for example. So, whether they’re managing your diary, writing content or booking travel, by working closely with a trusted VA, you're effectively buying back that time to work on the things you love – and the things you’re great at.


Free up your time to focus on what you’re best at.


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My name is Selina Johnson and I'm an elite Virtual Assistant providing Virtual Business Support to Executives. We help SME's with administrative, technical and creative support so you are free to grow your business and increase your profits.

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