Bespoke Transcription Service: Converting your Audio or Video to Text



Many businesses rely on customers finding them through searches. However, as
powerful as search engines are, they only have the ability to search text; your great
audio and visual content can end up getting lost – bad for your users, bad for your
ranking, and bad for business. Transcribing your audio and visual files is the key to
maximising the amount of your content that can be found through searches.
Transcribed videos also provide different accessibility options for some users,
particularly those with hearing impairments, ensuring your multimedia content can
reach a much wider audience.

So transcription offers great value for discoverability, accessibility, SEO and user-
focused content, but all sorts of businesses are using transcription more and more in
their day-to- day services – for example, to store and archive data, for accurate
recordings of meetings, interviews, recorded phone calls, or training materials.

Transcription is already a vital tool in a wide range of industries and settings:
academics and students use it for lectures or conferences; clinicians rely heavily on it
for keeping permanent records of audio notes; podcast providers are increasingly
supplying episode transcriptions; researchers and others transcribe recorded
interviews; and it’s a crucial process in a number of legal settings, too.

There are a plethora of online transcription tools available, all designed to save you
time by transcribing your files. However in practice, they quickly become frustrating
to use due to the poor accuracy levels of the finished documents being sent back to
you. They can often defeat the point, for a service designed to save you time, the last
thing you want to be doing is going through it all again, proofreading and having to
make time consuming changes. After all there are so many nuances, dialects and
subtleties in language that a human can decipher that a computer program just never

I’ve designed my bespoke transcription service with all this in mind. We know that
accuracy is absolutely vital, and reflects on your brand, so we include a proofread as
standard in our transcription package.


How does our transcription service work?


What’s the process?
Upload your audio or visual files on or share via cloud storage
such as Dropbox, and we will email you over your transcription once complete –
magic! Higher quality audio is transcribed much faster, that’s why if we listen and the
audio is of poor quality we will refund your order in full.


How long does it take?
The whole process from receiving your file through to you being sent back the
finished document takes 2 working days.


How do you ensure security and confidentiality?
The security of your material is our number one priority and we take the utmost care
in protecting your data. We are fully compliant with all aspects of the Data Protection
Act throughout all stages of the process including: receipt of your files; storage of
your information; and sending your completed documents back to you. For material
with a high level of confidentiality, we are happy to sign any non-disclosure
agreements (NDAs) that you might require.

What format are documents sent back in?
We can email your documents back in Word, pdf or plain text formats, or all three:
you choose whichever works best for you. We also offer the option of time-stamping
the text – you just need to let us know if this is required before we begin work.
How much does it cost?

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote on your next transcription task.

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