What is personalised assistance and a lifestyle management service?

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A dedicated service tailored to your requirements

How many times have you wished there were more hours in the day? Or even just more of you? Balancing growing your business whilst keeping up with your household admin and maintaining your personal life outside work can be a tough job. Often, with so much of your attention focused on your growing business, personal tasks inevitably start slipping through the net. Birthdays and anniversaries get missed, household repairs pile up and holidays can either not happen at all or you end up hurriedly rushing in to a decision and regretting it later.

There are a whole host of apps out there that you can turn to, all designed to assist and save you time with your household admin. One such app is Onedox, a genius app that keeps all your bills in one place and makes switching suppliers a swifter and easier process. However, apps and technical solutions may not be the ‘silver bullet’ to solving your household admin problems: an app might be very effective at one, two or even a few tasks, but before you know it you can find yourself managing a whole screen full of apps and consequently you’ve only ended up adding to your to-do list rather than cutting it down.

So how do you manage your business and life away from the office without losing your mind in the process?

Working with a Virtual Personal Assistant delivers great value by freeing up your life away from the office. Take arranging the perfect holiday: it can take a lot of time to trawl the web in order to source everything you need for your getaway. Why not let your Virtual Assistant do the legwork for you? If you discuss your brief with your Virtual Assistant, whatever it may be, such as the ultimate list of must-haves for your villa, apartment or hotel which will keep every member of the family happy, sourcing toddler-friendly destinations or help planning the perfect city break or ski trip – we’ve got you covered. Armed with all the info they need your Virtual Assistant can then set to work researching and shortlisting options for you. Once you’ve been working with a Virtual Assistant for a while they will instinctively know the kind of things that will and won’t be to your taste, so in no time at all you wind up with a shortlist of fabulous holidays, then the only job left for you is deciding which amazing option to take!

As you build a relationship with your Virtual Assistant, in no time at all they’ll get a feel for
more than just your winter sun vs city-break preferences. Over time, a Virtual Assistant will
learn to judge your taste in all sorts of things, from how to prioritise appointments, sourcing the perfect gifts for friends and family to what to look for in a Nanny. The list is endless.


A reliable service to meet your requests

It’s often surprising the range of personal assistance tasks a Virtual Assistant
can undertake, these include, but are certainly not limited to.


Sourcing and buying gifts
Paying bills
Booking restaurants
Research holidays, bespoke travel
Research activities and experiences for your family within your budget
Research and book tradespeople
Source reliable suppliers
Party planning
Online shopping (groceries, clothes, gifts etc)
Assist in all aspects of a house move
Birthdays and event reminders
Co-ordinate deliveries and collections
Personal appointment making (eg. doctors, dentists, hairdressers)
Searching for the best private tutor
Sourcing the best physiotherapist!
Hire and interview domestic services such as a cleaner, gardeners, personal chef and childcare


Imagine what delegating these tasks to a Virtual Assistant could mean for your work-life


Share in the comments which one of these areas of personal assistance would make the most difference to you.

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