40 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant to Guarantee Growth In Your Business

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Having written before about the tasks you can give to your virtual assistant in, 40 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Complete in an Hour, it’s true there is so much you don’t have to do that someone else can, to help drive your business forward.

A lot of people hold back from getting help because they’re unsure of employment policies or worry that they’ll need a work space for their staff to join them in, but this is where you’ll want a Virtual Assistant.

I have been recently featured by the Talented Ladies Club in their article on 40 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do To Grow Your Business. It’s astonishing, even to me sometimes, how much we’re able to help drive and push a business forward.

Want to know just a handful of what a virtual assistant could do for you?

40 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Complete in 1 Hour

This list could go on for another 40 suggestions if not more, because if you find the virtual assistant that is right for you and your business, you’ll soon find there is very little they can’t do or help you to achieve.

As I have said before, time is our most valuable commodity and having more of it guarantees that your business will have the space to grow. We should understand that more time earns us more prospects which leads to more money. This is why smart business owners hire virtual assistants. 

Except for tasks that require a specific type of training, a virtual/home-based staff is generally experienced and savvy when it comes to common tasks. They know what tools to use and how to setup a system that works for you both.

Organisational skills and traits are one of a VA’s strengths and is often where one-man-band businesses can struggle. If you find yourself too stressed out and don’t even have time to organise your business, then it’s definitely time for some help.

A Virtual Assistant can also setup a virtual workplace where everything about project management is properly shared and tracked from start to finish. Thus, it makes it easier to delegate work, collaborate, and track performance with your virtual team.

Thinking of hiring a virtual assistant for your business? Do it.

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