Do You Have Time To Do The Things You Love?

Do You Have Time To Do The Things You Love?

Hobbies can be anything but often they are sports or other interesting things. They help us relax and have fun when we are not working or studying.

Having a hobby is variable. It is different for different people. It could be cooking, spending time with family and friends, cycling, going to conventions; it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you enjoy it.

So, what holds you back from pursuing your hobbies and passion? Why is it that you haven’t explored that interest or mastered that skill you’ve been wanting to learn? What would you do if you had more time (an extra hour of every day)? Far too often, people say “if only I had the time.”

By implementing certain tried-and-true tactics, you can carve out ample time for yourself each day to read, go hiking, watch a film or do whatever relaxes you. Here are four time-saving steps you can take:

Make it A Priority

Learn to put important events over urgent ones. Many of us fall into the habit of reacting to urgent events and letting important ones fall by the wayside. Be proactive instead of reactive. Think about it – generally speaking, important tasks typically contribute more to our long-term goals. When tackling tasks, ask yourself throughout the day if this is a must-do-now task and if it isn’t, put it to one side to make sure you can stop for the day in time to enjoy doing something you love. 

Avoid Distraction

Distractions do not mean you do nothing—they mean you do low-priority, easy tasks before high-priority, difficult ones. Get in the habit of making things happen and focusing your energy on what matters most.

Stay Organised

Organisation means not only having a neat workspace but also a planning system. First get rid of things that aren’t an integral part of your workspace. Then incorporate a method for accomplishing your daily tasks such as a simple to do list and time plan.

Learn to Delegate

It can be really hard to let go of total control and delegate to others, such as a virtual assistant. But knowing when to assign certain tasks to others can increase our productivity exponentially and can be the biggest creator of time for you to do more of the things you love away from work. 

What would you be doing if you had more time?

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