How A Virtual Assistant Can Support Coaches

How A Virtual Assistant Can Support Coaches

Being a coach be it in business, life, nutrition, whatever is a full-time job on its own without the “extras” of running the actual business side of things too. When you think about all the admin, research, managing and creating events, content creation, social media, networking and then seeing clients, it is no wonder the days are extremely long.

This is why you really need a virtual assistant on your side to help take over the stuff you don’t NEED to be doing yourself, so you can focus on what you need to do and driving your business forwards. 

It can be a really different thing to release control of something you’ve nurtured, often alone, but it is okay to let go of the reins just a little. That doesn’t mean you need to lower your standards it just means you need to find the right VA who can keep up with them and maintain them for you.

You just need to learn to delegate. So, what can a virtual assistant help you with?

  • Social media management – maintain that ever important social media presence but let someone else do that for you. Research, schedule and design. 

  • Website management – whether you are an expert in web design or not, it all takes time so let someone else load your latest blog post, update your images or re-design your logo.

  • Content Creation – when was the last time you blogged on your site? Are you doing it regularly? A blog is key to a business these days so let your VA stay on top of this for you.

  • Events and Webinars – A VA can book events, make sure everything is set up for you, promote it and help collate all the information you’ll be presenting as well as the contacts you might gain.

  • Then there are the little things like;

    • Newsletter

    • Diary management

    • Email campaigns

    • Client contact

    • Bookkeeping

    • Travel Arrangements

Are you a Business Coach or Life Coach with an ever-growing daily task list, struggling to fit everything in? When does your day start and end? So, stop and take a moment to think, isn’t it about time you hired a virtual assistant?

How A Virtual Assistant Can Support Coaches
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I’m Selina Johnson, the freedom fixer.

I help successful but overwhelmed coaches, speakers, consultants and entrepreneurs trade burnout for balance, by taking away the jobs you shouldn’t be working on, so you can focus on only the highest value tasks and priorities in your business.

I use my 15 years experience to help your business scale in a healthy and sustainable way with the systems, processes and automation you need.

As the solid foundation of your business, we manage the day-to-day operations, banish the overwhelm and help you find real clarity.