How to Create Instagram Stories & Get People to Watch Them

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We as a species are undeniably submerged in the digital era. Everything is becoming digitised, so much so that hands are cramping up at the mere thought of a pen, let alone actually using one. The place where our pens used to leave ink stains and an indent on our finger is no more and instead all we can hear is the click click, tap tap of a keyboard or a mouse.

Social Media

Along with the digital era has come social media and if you don’t have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn account for your business then you are definitely missing out. A Virtual Assistant can definitely help you create and manage your social media accounts to take the pressure off that you can sometimes feel, when needing to run social media and your business.

However, some places, like Instagram Stories (the circular buttons at the top of the Instagram screen) many prefer to do themselves as they are much more personalised and show the human, less perfect, side to the business. But do you know how to use them AND get people to watch them? 

How to Use Instagram Stories

These days, social media is all about documentation.

Where you go, what you eat and drink, who you see, and what's most memorable: These are the typical fodder of Instagram Stories -- seconds-long glimpses of people's lives, shared on Instagram for only 24 hours.

Your Instagram Story is published separately from the photos and videos found in the tiled gallery of one's Instagram profile. And although you might know the basics of sharing them, there are hidden tools.

So how do you make an Instagram Story?

  1. Open Instagram and tap the camera icon in the upper left-hand corner of your phone.

  2. Share a photo or video you've already captured by swiping up on your screen to browse your gallery.

  3. Or, choose a camera lens to capture a photo or video in the app.

  4. Once you've edited your photo or video, tap "Your Story," or tap "Next" to share it to your Story and to other friends at the same time.

It is literally that simple!

How to Get People to Watch Your Stories

You can make Instagram Stories this successful too -- but it requires a few more hacks and tips. There are two great ways to get your stories viewed and it’s all in the hidden tools.

When on your Instagram story, before hitting “Your Story” or “Next” do one or both of the following actions;

  1. Scroll up on your screen to pull up a hidden menu bar and select the “hashtag” box. This will then transfer a box to your screen which you can drag, drop and move. When you tap on it, you can write in a hashtag. Before going on your stories, try and find popular hashtags e.g. #Cakelife #London #IGStories or one that is fitting for your picture and use this.

  2. Scroll up on your screen to pull up the hidden menu bar and select the “location” box. This will allow you to choose the location you are in and add a location tag to your story. Top tip… if you are in a tiny village, don’t add that but go for the nearest town or even the county. You’ll be amazed how many people search for Instagram stories going on in their area!

By adding new content to your Instagram story, you can keep your business at the top of your followers’ news feeds throughout the day. The key is knowing when they’ll be online and what type of live content will keep their attention!

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