Return on your Virtual Assistant Investment


Do you get bogged down with things you shouldn’t be working? Do you feel that you are wasting time doing things inefficiently?

There are countless tools, resources and sources of information to assist, to avoid wasting time on administrative work that doesn't light you up.

If you’re going to build a repetitive task into your routine then take the time to write down your steps. Which steps are you doing manually, and is there a way to automate it? You can use social media groups, forums or invest in a tool, app or course. There are so many ways you can increase efficiency, you just need to take a little up-front time to set it up.

Then ask yourself if you are the best person to be performing each step - is this the best use of your time right now? Why or why not? If not, what can you do to delegate or delete the task from your routine?

The best option for most has been to hire a Virtual Assistant. Maybe you don’t think you have the resources to hire someone right now.

Time is money. Time better spent running your business, rather than sorting through e-mails, trying to find notes from your last meeting, generating invoices, updating blogs and social media, scheduling appointments, processing expenses, the list goes on.

Outsourcing is an investment. Getting help allows you to focus on a massively productive question. How can you develop your business to bring money in faster?

My name is Selina Johnson and I provide Virtual Business Support to small to medium businesses, consultants and entrepreneurs. My clients outsource necessary but time-consuming tasks to me so they can have more free time to focus on the revenue-generating activities that will make their business more profitable.

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