Top Tips for Creating Good Blog Content

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Something I get asked about a lot is how I keep finding things to write about on the blog. How do I always have something to say and how do I stop it from just becoming waffling nonsense that isn't actually good content at all? 

I have been asked before for my blogging tips for creating posts for my site and honestly, I'd say there aren't any tricks only good understanding that comes from experience of what works for your site and what doesn't.


Of course, first of all you'd need to think about what is relevant for your blog and niche. If you write a lifestyle blog it would be a bit pointless writing a post about children's fashion. So, my first tip is to know what your audience are looking for from you. Look at your analytics and see what posts do really well for you and what posts don't really get much traffic and go from there. Knowing what people are looking for from you is the first step to bigger numbers.

Secondly and still looking at "Topics" is knowing where to look for inspiration as sometimes you will feel like you are drawing a complete blank and you will need to look elsewhere for help on this. For example, if you are writing a wedding blog, you might like to look in wedding magazines or create a little spider diagram about elements to do with weddings and see what you have and haven't written about and go from there. 


A lot of people will suggest using plugins to maximise your content and SEO appeal and of course you can schedule a call now who specialises in content creation and SEO to do this for you. 


Good content is derived from good inspiration. Something I have found with my own writing, is that I can never ever write a post until I have the title right. I get an idea and then in my head, I play around with the words and associated words until a title jumps out at me. It is at this point that I know I can then write the post.

Another source of inspiration I have is current affairs and the news. I will look through Twitter day highlights, what is trending, then I'll head over to Newspaper and News sites and see what people are talking about and see if I have an opinion on any of them and whether that opinion is something I want to share.

Then of course I also consider what information would be useful to the kind of people who visit my site and adjust my content accordingly. 

My final tip is to trust your own instinct. If you like it, if you're happy with it then just hit that publish button and go for it. If you have any doubts about a post, then look at it or get someone else to look at it and try and fix it. Your content creates your community and it is your community that will become your customers and lead to new customers, so make sure from the start, your content is working for you.

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