A dedicated seamless service with endless solutions to your work-life balance


If you are struggling with being distracted, we have a solution for that

If you have an overwhelming workload, we have a solution for that

If you have no margin to enjoy life outside of work, we have a solution for that

How can Virtual Assistants help your business?

Scale your business

Maintain work-life balance

Increase productivity

Streamline your cost

Avoid burnout

Avoid missing business opportunities

Staying on top of your to-do-list

Free time


What can Selina & Co. help with?

About Selina & Co.

... Since 2004 we have helped busy entrepreneurs & small businesses free their time

... Our team consists of handpicked elite Virtual Assistants based in the UK

... All Virtual Assistant have a minimum of 5 years experience

... Our Virtual Assistants have worked with professors, coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants, etc.

... We are experts in adding value to your business

... Our business ethics: Knowledge. Honesty. Proactive. Professional. Discretion.

... Selina & Co is an accredited member of the Society of Virtual Assistants

Case Studies

Delve into our case studies to read how we achieve the best results for our clients.

Screenshot 2018-09-25 20.22.14.png
Working with Selina & Co has transformed my business, my monthly revenue is now 5–6
times what it was prior to working together. In the last 18 months, my business has generated half a million dollars of free cash flow which is a 16.7 ROI for working with Selina & Co – that would be hard to beat!
— Carl Allen, CEO & Founder, Ninja Acquisitions Ltd

Selina takes the time to understand my business and to understand me. She has really got under the skin of my business and understands my objectives and standards. If there’s a task she doesn’t know how to do, she’ll go away and find out how to do it on her own initiative and always delivers her work to an incredibly high standard.
— Susan Goodwin, Skincare InsideOut
I decided to work with a Virtual Assistant due to having too much work. I identified the tasks I could outsource and made the choice to work with Selina & Co. based on the company website. The presentation was very convincing and made me feel confident that if she’s able to design such a great website like this for herself then she can also represent me well as a client. The work Selina & Co. handle for me has helped to free my time to focus on the more sophisticated tasks that only I can do.
— Philipp Paech, Professor

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