“Value of outsourcing”

Working with Selina & Co has transformed my business, my monthly revenue is now 5–6 times what it was prior to working together. In the last 18 months my business has generated half a million dollars of free cash flow which is a 16.7 ROI for working with Selina & Co – that would be hard to beat!

— Carl Allen, Founder & CEO, Ninja Acquisitions


I've been working with Selina for over a year. She is incredibly professional, very punctual. She never misses a beat. I'm very glad to have found her and will continue to be using their VA services. Thank you so much!

— Michael Teofilo, IT Consultant

“Powerful and positive results”

“I have a great working relationship with Selina; she’s always responsive and understands my goals and what I’m trying to achieve. Having someone on board I trust and can call on for support, has made such a difference; it’s impossible to expand your business when it’s just you. She’s more than a VA.”

— Dr Malcolm Barratt-Johnson, Managing Director, PharmaMedic Consultancy Ltd

“Regained my time”

“I decided to work with a Virtual Assistant due to having too much work. I identified the tasks I could outsource and made the choice to work with Selina & Co. based on the company website. The presentation was very convincing and made me feel confident that if she’s able to design such a great website like this for herself then she can also represent me well as a client. The work Selina & Co. handle for me has helped to free my time to focus on the more sophisticated tasks that only I can do.”

— Philipp Paech, Professor

“A star”

I highly recommend the quality of work, professionalism and speed in which Selina works. She helped me free my time. She has added immense value to the marketing team, despite working virtually. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her competency for any project. 

— Charlie Whyman, Head of Marketing, Martek Marine

“Exceptional support”

Selina successfully executed complex, multi country travel, at most last minute with attention to detail. With an extensive and ever changing schedule, I always knew when and where I had to be. She was very professional and courteous when liaising with prospects, clients and colleagues. I admired her keen interest and in-depth knowledge of my lectures, the company’s milestones, acquisitions and product developments. Exceptional support from a dedicated person.

— Patrik Schumacher, Principal, Zaha Hadid Architects

“Elite service”

I met Selina at a networking event a year or so ago and it was not long before she was getting under the skin of my business, helping free me from ever increasing administrative tasks, so I could optimise my hands-on time in my clinic. I continue to call on Selina for many ongoing tasks, with the assurance that they will meet the high standards and attention to detail that I expect. Her approach is always proactive, positive and professional and no job seems to be too small or too much trouble for Selina to deliver. She has shown great initiative when at times I have tasked her with an unfamiliar process, as she always finds the answers and has risen to the challenge. Investing in her services has proved invaluable to my business.”

—  Susan Goodwin, Skincare InsideOut

“Impressive and competent”

For an utterly scatty and non-tech "creative" person like me, Selina is an absolutely Godsend. In her calm, quiet way she peels me off the ceiling when I am panicking about something and serenely manages the complex elements of my business with charm and capable efficiency. Her knowledge and expertise in a wide range of business skills fill me with admiration and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone in need of a very, very "high-end" VA who still manages to keep her rates reasonable. 

—  Suzan St Maur, Author Coach, Publishing Consultant

“A gem”

I have used Selina’s services several times already to update and review some of my business processes. She has proved herself to be incredibly patient, experienced, knowledgeable and efficient on all occasions. Selina is someone I would highly recommend and I will definitely use her services again when needed.

Helen Smith, Colour and Personal Style Consultant, House of Colour


If you're looking for a VA to help you with any aspect of your business, I can highly recommend Selina, she is incredible patient and easy to work with. She has helped me through the GDPR 'opt in' process with my database and I will look forward to continuing to work with her on other projects going forward.

— Anna Botsford, Hypnotherapist

“Above and beyond”

I found Selina through a LinkedIn search, and from the beginning she stood out with her professionalism: no gimmicks and up-selling, just pure care for your requests. Having started with simple clerical and research tasks, she has since arranged complex business trips for me, where it would have been very painful to be stranded at a strange airport. Instead, Selina has always delivered what I'd expected and more: suggesting improvements on the language and design of documents, arranging hotel upgrades for a better price and forwarding the occasional article on work effectiveness.

— Gabor Holch, Management Consultant, Author & Speaker, Campanile Management Consulting

“The highest recommendation”

Selina is an exceptional person who exercises maturity, discretion, tenacity and common sense in equal measure. Her diplomacy skills kept the boundaries of my work time and access perfectly balanced. She had the instinct to know what I needed and delivered work that was consistently accurate and ahead of a deadline. Not having to micro manage Selina freed me to manage the business, which is exactly what I hope for in an assistant.

— Samantha Wright, Founder & Director, Redluco Ltd

“Everything I needed and more”

Selina was an extremely efficient, professional and pleasant Executive Assistant who I would encourage any Senior Executive to consider. She was extremely committed and always willing to accept challenges.

— Norman Turner, SVP Purchasing & Operations,           Holiday Taxis Group

“Highly organised ”

I had the pleasure of working with Selina for two and a half years. During this time I have been very impressed with her attention to detail, commitment and ability to learn about the aviation industry and adapt to changes. She is very reliable and has been highly proactive in driving forward projects in an often difficult environment. I could always rely on her to communicate sensitive matters in detail and confidence.

— Daniel Welinder, Aircraft Management Executive, Luxaviation Group