3 Benefits of Outsourcing: Virtual Offices are the new Paradise


Virtual work is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why there is a growing trend towards business owners hiring staff to work for them remotely. Improvements in technology have made this all possible, giving workers the ability to complete a huge range of tasks that don’t require them to be physically present in an office. It’s possible to outsource almost any function you can think of, for example: covering knowledge gaps with web developers or graphic designers, through to Virtual Assistants (VAs) – skilled administrative professionals who can take on a raft of business support tasks.

Freedom to choose
When hiring an employee, you generally only have access to a small local talent pool. Unfortunately this can often mean having to make numerous compromises. Outsourcing means you can cast a much wider net and expand your search – globally if you wish! With access to so much talent, you can hire people with the exact skills and expertise you need to help direct your company where it needs to be and ensure you only ever work with the ‘best of the best’.

Lower your costs
Another advantage of the virtual office is you only pay contractors for the time they work. This allows you to avoid bringing an employee into the company, which saves you money on everything from holiday pay, benefits and training.

Increase your productivity
When you outsource work, you swap working ‘in your business’ for working ‘on your business’. A survey conducted by YouGov in 2016 found that 56% of people spend just two hours a day or less on work they would term as ‘important’. In the early days of starting a business it’s generally just you, putting in the hours and ‘wearing every hat’ to get your business off the ground. Sometimes it can feel difficult to let go of every detail of your growing business. But if you stick to this approach – attempting to control or oversee every little thing – you can quickly end up feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks you face on a daily basis. Tim Ferris discussed the many advantages of outsourcing in his bestselling book The Four Hour Work Week’. In his book, Ferris encourages others to work with Virtual Assistants (VAs) who can manage the business support tasks on their to-do lists. This in turn frees you up to focus on the ‘higher leverage’ activities that only you can do, and the tasks that serve to grow your business.


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Do what you do best and outsource the rest.
— Peter Drucker


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