5 Inspirational Books That Every Business Owner and Entrepreneur Should Own

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Running your own business is an amazing venture. You get to live your life on your terms and be your own boss, but it’s not an easy venture. It can get very stressful and sometimes you may have moments where you want to quit and ask yourself is it all worth it, but then you remember why you started your own business in the first place.

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated and ahead of the game is to read inspirational books that open your mind up to new ideas and possibilities for your business. There’s no better feeling than getting stuck into a book that you can’t seem to put down no matter how hard you try.

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”
— Jim Rohn

That’s why I have compiled a list of 5 inspirational books that I think should have a place in every business owner and entrepreneurs personal library, as each of them has had a profound effect on me and my business.

1) Pitch Anything - Oren Klaff

This book is mind-blowing. The title may give you the impression that this book is only relevant to salespeople and those who pitch every day, but the book covers many concepts about everyday pitches that all business owners encounter. It offers a lot of practical advice on how you can lead conversations and take the alpha position.

2) Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

This timeless classic was first published in 1937 and is still relevant to business owners and entrepreneurs today. In ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Napoleon Hill talks about the 13 key principles of success, which he developed by studying successful people. These can be applied today to help you grow your business and become a success.

3) Crushing it - Gary Vaynerchuk

This is the follow up to the book Crush It which was originally released in 2009. In this book Gary shares stories from business owners who have crushed it using the power of social media and marketing by taking action and working hard. The stories are very inspirational and motivating, pretty much like a lot of content that comes from Gary Vee.

4) How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

If you want to stand out as a leader and really build out your network, Dale Carnegie has you covered in his fantastic book how to win friends and influence people. In this book, he shares practical tips and strategies that you can take with you and use in the office and other aspects of your life.

5) Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable - Seth Godin

The title of this book stands out, exactly like how this book shows you how to make your business stand out. This book is so relevant because every day more and more businesses are opening their doors thanks to the internet, so in this book, Seth shows you exactly how you can make your business stand out and catch your audiences attention.

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