How To Handle Miscommunication With Your Virtual Assistant

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Running a business can come with an amazing sense of freedom and control, but what do you do when too many tasks are piling up on your desk and you feel like you can’t breathe? This business is your dream, but it’s you doing everything- and there are a number of tasks that don’t feel important, you aren’t particularly good at, and you really aren’t enjoying them.

You wonder, where is the freedom?

As a business owner, you know that bookkeeping, emails and scheduling are all important. You just don’t want them eating up all of your time and taking away from the real reason you started your business in the first place.

It’s likely time to take the next step as a business owner: delegation.



Tip: One of the most crucial skill combinations as a business owner is the ability to prioritise and delegate. First, you need to determine the most important tasks that only you can do. Then distinguish the tasks that need to be done, but could be completed by someone else. Once you work this out, you know which tasks you can delegate to start freeing up your time.

If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.
— Richard Branson


Today, delegating time-consuming tasks is incredibly easy. With the help of a Virtual Assistant, business owners are able to focus on what they do best - the critical tasks that move a business forward - and a virtual assistant can make appointments, organise and respond to emails and numerous other tasks.

How Can A Virtual Assistant Help My Business?

Virtual Assistants provide a variety of services to take the burden off of entrepreneurs. Below are the more common tasks:


One of the easiest tasks to hand over to a VA is payroll, bills, invoices and follow-ups.

General Administrative Work

Data entry, research, presentation creation, gifts and thank you notes are just a few of the general tasks a VA can complete.

Email Management

Do you find that emails are a major time drain? A VA will give you back hours

that can now be spent on your most critical tasks.

Arranging and Booking Travel

Don’t waste any more time on travel sites and the pain of tracking your travel arrangements. Let a VA do this work for you!

In addition to the tasks above, many Virtual Assistants specialise in specific areas. Social Media Management and Graphic Design are just two specialties that can save business owners an incredible amount of time.

If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.
— John C. Maxwell

Your business needs you to focus on the tasks that you enjoy and only you can do. These are your priority. Hiring a Virtual Assistant allows you to have the freedom to focus on what you love, while still completing the day-to-day tasks of running a business.

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