How to Recall an Email with Gmail

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Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person? Forgot to add an attachment to an email? Or perhaps forgotten to copy someone else in on an email chain? Well, if you are a G-mail user I am here to inform you of a little hack that will make these problems a thing of the past.

What Does It Do?

There feature is in fact called “Undo” and allows you to track back on any sent email within a certain time frame and allow you to edit that email before it is resent to the recipient and before they open it.

How to Set Up

It’s very simple to set up and is sure to save you a lot of trouble in the future. To enable this feature, simply go into your Google mail inbox via desktop, not the app, and go up to the settings button which is normally a gear symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Click into setting and then into the “General” tab and you want to go down to the “Enable Undo  Send” button and check this. You can then choose a time frame in which you are allowed to undo the sending of an email. The maximum length of time is 30 seconds, so obviously you need to be quick in realising your mistakes for this feature to be of some use.

Once you have check the box and set the time, make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the settings box and hit on save changes. This feature is now available to use (again in the desktop version of G-mail). When you hit send on an email, a yellow panel will come up in the middle of the screen with the option of hitting undo and this will return to your screen, a draft version of the email to allow you to make changes.

Further Guidance

This is such a fantastic tool that I have used myself and saves a lot of hassle and resending of emails when something has been missed. Not many people know about this feature, but if you use G-mail you should definitely be using this “hack.”

For a video tutorial of this process, feel free to check out my How To Tutorial Vlog.

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