How to Enhance your Customer Interaction on Social Media


Your social media presence opens up a world of meaningful connections and promotional opportunities with your existing customers and, crucially, potential customers. Managing and developing your social media effectively takes time and when you’re already feeling overworked and overwhelmed juggling the myriad of duties and demands of your growing business it can all too often be left to slide – you end up posting more and more sporadically across various channels, your blog and content remain stale and out-dated, and unfortunately your customers’ posts, questions and messages can remain unanswered - bad for your reputation and bad for business.


You can use social media to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers and customers into salespeople
— Seth Godin

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Developing and managing your social media presence involves a lot of creativity if you want to keep your customers both engaged and loyal. Adding value for your customers should be your number one priority: if your social media accounts are dominated by content that’s directly (and obviously) promoting your business, people will quickly be turned off and therefore be much less likely to revisit. Posts that are purely self promotional should only take up around 20% of your overall posts, with the other 80% being posts aiming to inform, entertain and educate your target audience. So, the 80% could include inspirational articles, funny memes or informative blogs, anything that adds value and that your audience can really connect with.


It’s also essential to open up the lines of communication with your customers. It used to be the case that a customer would pick up the phone to an SME but today they are far more likely to connect and interact via Twitter, Facebook or other social platforms. Crucially you need to ensure that their posts are responded to quickly, as Social Media Expert, Jay Baer said in Forbes: “A lack of response is a response. It’s a response that says, ‘We don’t care about you very much’”.


Social media scheduling tools are a huge benefit to many businesses – both for those looking to stay on top of a growing social-workload and those trying to maximise social’s potential in growing their business. There’s a huge range available and they help to not only plan, schedule and synchronise your social-media activity (across accounts, campaigns, platforms and time-zones, for example) but also to generate those all-important analytics. We’ve found one of the very best to be Coschedule, which combines great functionality with a clear user interface. Whichever tool you choose, get to know it well, combine it with strong content and you’ll be able to really make the most of your social channels.


Are you ready to reach your productivity potential?


By delegating your social media tasks to an experienced and skilled Virtual Assistant you could add hours to your workday. Virtual Assistants are expert social media managers with a wealth of experience in not only knowing how to manage scheduling tools to get the very best out of them for their clients but also the creative side of social media such as content and blog writing. Virtual Assistants excel in customer service skills and can deftly manage your interactions with your customers online. A Virtual Assistant will in no time prove themselves to be invaluable, a trusted business partner who, by taking on a portion of your workload, will free you up to do the tasks that you and only you can do.


It’s often surprising the wide range of time-consuming social-media related tasks that can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant. Tasks include, but are in no way limited to:

-Setting up and maintaining accounts

-Content writing

-Blog writing

-Scheduling social media posts

-Interacting online with followers

-Monitoring ad campaigns


What could you achieve with all of that extra time if you weren’t juggling all these tasks on top of trying to scale your business further? What could it mean for your bottom line? What could it mean for your work–life balance?

Share in the comments which one of these areas of assistance would make the most difference to you.



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