The Benefits of Stunning eBook designs to showcase your business


Your website is where the majority of your sales-leads come from, right? But is your website working as hard for your business as it could be? In fact companies with 40+ landing pages get on average 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less. Though of course simply adding more landing pages to your website won’t magically convert those visitors to the sales leads you need. Your pages need engaging content behind them, packaged in a professional and attractive manner, that makes your visitors want to download, read and share it.



Users might look to download all sorts of content from a website: e-books, guides, online learning, whitepapers, PowerPoint or Keynote presentations… the list goes on. Perhaps you already have a slew of these documents online – e-books and other online materials, that are sort-of meeting users’ needs – but you know they’re looking a bit tired, a bit out-dated? Perhaps they were written and designed before Web 2.0 was even a thing, and even though you know they’d benefit from a revamp, you’ve just not had the time to think about it? Or maybe you’re building a beautiful backlog of e-book and marketing-material ideas but they just never make it to the top of your to-do list; permanent fixtures on your drawing board.


But whatever content users are looking for, and whatever resources you already have online, first impressions are everything. Let’s be honest, we all judge an e-book by it’s cover, so investing in great design is crucial. However, if you go down the do-it-yourself route, it can be frustratingly easy to get lost in the sea of DIY design tools available online, and if you opt to work with a designer, you may simply run out of the time you need to project manage the process.


Whatever kind of marketing material your business needs or whatever stage you’re currently at, be it getting started with creating them for the first time, or if your current titles are in need of a fresh new look, we’ve got good news for you: we’ve created our bespoke e-book and online marketing materials design service – with you and your business in mind. Let us take care of the whole design process for you. We’ll work with our expert in-house designer to create whatever online marketing materials you need, and to make them visually appealing and compelling. You’ll end up with beautiful e-books, guides, online learning, whitepapers, PowerPoints or Keynote presentations that your audience will love and want to share.  


Design team

We understand that your time is precious, that’s why once we’ve had our initial telephone call and discussed all your requirements, we will take over the reins for you. We’ll work with our designer to visualise your concept, in a way that aligns completely with your brand. With the design process fully project managed by us, you’re left free to focus on writing excellent, lead-generating content for your readers.

Our involvement doesn’t have to end at the design stage: as sticklers for grammatical accuracy and consistent formatting as well as snappy and engaging prose, we also offer a proofreading, content writing and editing service. You can find out how to enhance your SEO as well as discover the wide range of professional proofreading, writing and editing services we offer here.



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