What Tasks Can You Delegate To A Virtual Assistant?


You hired a Virtual Assistant because let’s face it - with all of the growth you’re experiencing you need help completing everything on that long to-do list. Plus, you’re thrilled that there is someone else that can tackle the tasks you don’t particularly love doing.

While you appreciate having someone helping your business grow, there’s been some struggles. Taking tasks off your plate and giving them to someone that doesn’t know your business as well, misunderstandings around expectations, and deadlines - can be frustrating.

Before you throw in the towel and convince yourself that you are the only one who can finish tasks to your liking, we have to go back to the most essential part of having a quality relationship with your virtual assistant: communication.

If you had to rate your current quality of communication, from one to ten: how would you rate the communication between you and your virtual assistant? If you rate it anything below a nine, consider doing this before giving up.

First, set up a virtual meeting. Written communication is great, but when you are experiencing a communication breakdown, visual meetings can be tremendously helpful. During this meeting you really want to come away with a better understanding of where the past communication was unclear. Be prepared to ask questions and patiently listen to the answers. Have pen and paper. Taking notes can be helpful for review after the meeting.



Tip: We often think that others are more in sync with our thinking than they really are. Have empathy and try to put yourself in your Virtual Assistant’s shoes.





Next, the best way to get an understanding of the breakdown is to review the process of a recent project or task. It is vital that you collaborate in the review. Encourage your Virtual Assistant to provide feedback. The only way to improve is with honesty and openness. As you both discuss the steps the two of you went through, you should be able to pinpoint the areas for improvement.

After you pinpoint these areas, collaboratively create an improved process for future projects. Write this down and share with your VA after the meeting.

Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity
— Nat Turner


Finally, set up another video meeting in 1-2 weeks. This will hold the two of you accountable to the new process. You can also review the process and tweak as necessary.

While this may seem like a lot of work right now, remember - you are making an investment in your business. A quality relationship with your virtual assistant can create a long-term partner that becomes an essential part of your business growth.

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